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Vision & Mission

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Our Vision

Vidyarthi Group aims at providing quality and affordable education in the field of Medical Sciences to all.

We believe that every person deserves quality education irrespective of their financial and economic standards and we are working towards the same.

Our Mission

The vision of our Institute is to raise students with good value and standards in the field that they further serve in the medical field by assisting the medical professionals in the hospitals and serving the people and society at large helping the Nation and the World to become a better place.


We believe that a healthcare personnel is much more than a professional care-giver. She or he is a compassionate healer, an expert at operating technologically sophisticated medical equipments and a resourceful decision-maker.

We believe choosing healthcare stream is more than a career; it's a vocation. Hence, while emphasising academic excellence, we also inculcate a nurturing attitude that complements theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Our student-nurses therefore graduate with a mature sense of judgement and ethical values that go beyond pure clinical competence.

We believe we have a special responsibility to our students as well as to society. We therefore make provisions for all-round development of our students, moulding them into sensitive individuals, responsible citizens as well as thorough professionals.


While mentoring tomorrow's caregivers and medical staff to embrace this vocation, we are also committed to fulfilling certain objectives:

To provide a scientific and comprehensive learning of the theory and practice of subject that encourages our students to think and act on their feet intelligently

To develop personal aptitudes and shape an attitude of caring for the sick at all levels of healthcare delivery

To inspire our students-nurses to go above and beyond the call of duty

To inculcate the spirit of team work and cooperation as members of an integrated healthcare system, in preventive, curative and rehabilitative healthcare services